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•Feature Design
T strives to achieve a natural element in the touch and feel of our product to integrate the user with technology. From the machine processes to the surface treatment, T applies advanced ergonomic design methods to manufacture our enclosures. Our industrial design features focus on the technical concepts, products, and processes. In addition to considerations of aesthetics, usability and ergonomics, our T engineers also take into consideration the engineering of the product, market placement, and industrial design.

•Mechanical Construction

Light but strong
The beauty of aluminum and its resistance to corrosion makes it the perfect material choice for T enclosures. Aluminum's mechanical strength and inherent properties have been taken into consideration for T's product line.

Ergonomic and user friendly
All of T's products are designed for maximum convenience and efficiency with the user in mind. The industrial design of T enclosures aim to improve the user experience with user friendly features. At the same time, all product series are developed for improved manufacturability and marketability. The industrial design team at T creates and executes solutions for product engineering, sales/marketing and brand awareness.

Enhanced thermal - superior design for silence and longevity
T understands the importance of thermal management in product design to improve reliability. As some components in a system will actually amplify noise, T uses anti-vibration materials to fasten down components. T balances optimal thermal performance and noise reduction for superior system performance.

Seamless and smooth for each movement
With over 10 years of experience, T's mechanical engineers design each component using the optimal materials to withstand external forces. T designers create detailed 3D models to simulate various forces as well as verify their designs. 3D models are used throughout the engineering process from conceptual design, to the layout of the product, to strength and dynamic analysis of the assemblies.

•Final surface treatment
In order to improve the appearance, corrosion protection, and wear resistance, special surface treatments are applied to T enclosures. T engineers utilize 3D software and CAD programs to simulate the textures, colours and other aspects concerning the ergonomics of the final product. T industrial designers are trained to visualize and conceive the shape, configuration, and colour selections for the enclosures.
Colorful as rainbow
Besides T's standard colour selection, there are many finishes and colour choices for custom OEM projects. Different surface treatments and paint processes are applied to enclosures to accomplish this.

Special Requst
Special requests and manufacturing processes are achieved to meet customers' custom requirements. T attains different product images by using various finish processes and silk-screening.

Going Native
T faithfully emphasizes the natural look and feel of the raw material. The finished products have many characteristics of the native material with a twist of stylish modern design. These combined elements with the natural touch of metal create a luxurious feel and look to the final product.