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No 2 Date 2009-03-17 Title T. TE-1160 Review

[NEWS] TE-1160 Review (Posted Mar 6th, 2009)


*Notice : The following review is translated roughly from German language, if you need to see the source, please refer to http://epiacenter.de


After I recently test the "TE-D288" Pico-ITX enclosure, now follows a mini-ITX form factor based T. Server Chassis, the "TE-1160". This is the case in a 1U (1RU) rackmount enclosure for the operation, that a low-power mini-ITX motherboard can be equipped and also has two internal 2.5 "HDD mounting options, and four 3.5" S-ATA trays available. T. is famous for its numerous well-known server housing and you will feel interested to see how the youngest scion of this section in a detailed test will propose. I apologize for the provision of housing to thank T.. For the provision of the mainboard, the hard drives and memory, I would like to thank HRT Informationstechnik.

About the Company , here a small summary of the company's history: The Casetronic Corporation was established in 1990 and the Casetronic Engineering Group was founded in March 2000 in the Silicon Valley launched. In 2003, then with T. not only the brand name but also an independent firm that specializes in the design and manufacture of enclosures in the small and mini-ITX form factor.

The manufacturer T. has really thought of everything during delivery of the "TE-1160", so you can start right away, without you even only a part or accessory adapter cable is required. The extensive accessory package that is shipped there, brings all the components, which are necessary for a server system with this housing to be built. Even a flexible dual PCI riser card is included. The exact items of delivery, you can see the list below. Therefore, it remains to be said that the housing arrived are well-packed for us.

The items of accessory bag includes the following parts:
"TE-1160" Mini-ITX enclosure including internal 250W Power Supply Unit
4x S-ATA cable
Various cable connections, such as. USB connectors (2.54mm to 2.0mm) and COM header
2x T. patented Universal I / O Shields (backpanel Doors)
2x slot
Screw set
Manual (Quick Installation Guide)
Key to lock the HDD Trays
Power cord


Now I would like to introduce the details of T. 1U rackmount enclosure "TE-1160". The chassis is one rack unit high (1U/1HE) and at the front with four withdrawable 3.5" SATA hard drive trays. The modules are all immobile and show all its own LEDs, the status quo of the drive should show. In addition, the front of the "TE-1160" the possibilities, a slimline optical drive installed, or a Compact Flash slot to realize. In terms of connectivity, the front two USB ports, a COM port and audio connectors, status LEDs (power, disk activity) and Power buttons. The top shows air vents in the area of the mainboard and the internal power supply.

This housing is outwardly very unspectacular, but why should a server housing also look spectacular? The back side (picture ol) shows already mentioned, from T. patented Universal backpanel aperture, which included twice and is used on the respective motherboard needs to be adapted. As this happens, it shows the attached instructions. In addition, the two possible slots to recognize enclosed by the flexible dual PCI riser can be used. Moreover, even the power supply and fan of the internal 250W power supply to see. The page view - just as the bottom - shows no significant features. On the next page I dedicate myself to the interior of the enclosure.

Inside view

Once you begin the cover of the T. "TE-1160" has removed, the interior of the case to light. Here you can find on the left internal 250W power supply and in the middle of the dual PCI drive makers recognize the bargain and the harness. However, one can in this picture is not all recognize connectivity options. In terms of front lines can be the wiring of both USB and audio connectors represent. Furthermore, the drive makers for both internal 2.5 "hard drives as well as the slimline optical drive. Apart from the place where the motherboard is screwed, can you have two 40mm fans recognize that the resulting waste heat in a tunnel and back out of the housing guide.

The above-mentioned drive makers internal 2.5 "hard disk drive and slimline are here again to see more detail. Similarly, the front panel wiring. Because of the PCI riser board installation could be disruptive, and because this and this test does not is needed, I build this out further ado. Just as the Universal backpanel aperture, the first on the backpanel of the motherboard needs to be adapted. On an adjustment I renounce at this point, since this in great detail in the accompanying manual explains will.

Hardware Installation

Now the hardware installed in the T. "TE-1160", although this time I am on a not yet tested by me mainboard from Jetway Technologies back and pick up the Jetway 'NC92-230-LF'. Reminder: The "NC91-230-AA" and the NC92-330-AA ", I had already been extensively tested can. The "NC92-230-AA" is the "NC91-230-LF" comparable, but also by Jetway Daughterboard known connection for far-reaching connectivity to. Once - as on the previous page - the Riserkarte was removed, the motherboard is sufficient space for installation, so that it easily without fumbling the hand. Then the motherboard is wired with the included ATX extension must be used. Thanks Pin Configuration and printed labels on the header connector is also the wiring of the front lines just manner.

Once the motherboard is now installed and is wired, lacking only the drives. As a system disk is a Hitachi E5K250-80 "disk (2 ½" S-ATA, 5.400UpM, 80GB) are used, the first carrier with the drive and then bolted with the same back in the enclosure is screwed. After connecting the system disk is a first test and the installation of the operating system no longer in the way. Previously, I would like your view, but once on the back of the "TE-1160" guide, where now the backpanel of the motherboard built to see. Here is otherwise specifically adapted Universal I / O Shield.

After the operating system Requirements, I would like now the hard disk or hard drive dedicated, in one of the drive bays mounted, dedicated. For use, a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 (1.000GB), of which, for example, four pieces could be used, resulting in a total capacity of four terabytes (TB) means. In today's hard disk capacity of 1.5TB, even up to 6TB feasible. First, one of the slots pulled to the above is hard to bolt. One should have left (vv) preparatory work, since otherwise the motherboard, the disk is not properly detect and, where applicable, the startup hangs. The jumper settings of each controller that is behind each of the modules are mounted, must not be changed unless you use top and Compact Flash. A word to the attached S-ATA cables. Unfortunately, the plug of this so so thick that it is only just below the controller jacks in place. On the next page, the system will now undergo several tests.

Hardware Test

Now follow - as usual - the mandatory temperature tests using prime95 (v.2.58) in "TE-1160". Previously, I would, however, a glance at the status LEDs of the drive bays are dedicated. If a hard disk drive in a rack mounted, and this properly, then lights up during operation, the top blue light-emitting diode displays, and thus proper operation. If the main hard drive lights up the middle of the LEDs.

But now to the actual temperature test using prime95. Before the test, the values at 21 ° C Processor Temperature and 27 ° C system temperature. This proves the good thermal properties of a server chassis. Just shows the values but also how effectively the temperature Jetway NC92 Series with Intel Atom 230 and Atom 330 is. It has, in recent times have seen some server providers, the models at 230 and 330 atomic basis can see. In "TE-1160" it now seems possible. Whether one but adequate server system with appropriate temperature performance can be realized, must first prove the Torture Test.

After about four hours with prime95 torture test, the values then at 31 ° C Processor Temperature and 31 ° C system temperature. Thus, the temperature values are fully in the green area and it shows that a system motherboard with Atom 230 in the "TE-1160" Mini-ITX Server Chassis even at full load can operate relatively cool. The temperature performance of this case is highly recommended for such platforms. Even for larger desktop processors is likely the case - that a suitable cooling system is used - be well positioned.


Performance / Functionality

The temperature performance of the T. "TE-1160" server chassis works in conjunction with the test Jetway 'NC92-230-LF "mainboard with Intel Atom 230 processor (1.6GHz), despite the low overall height of one rack unit (1U / 1U) very successful. I would think that the bigger brother, has already tested "NC92-330-AA" with dual-core Atom 330, would produce similar values and both are perfect for the 24 / 7 use in the T. "TE-1160 "prepared. The delivery of housing is T. be very good, ie. This includes not only Kabelage, bolts and instructions, but also have a slimline IDE adapter and a 2x PCI Riser. This is another plus point in this column. In terms of drive housing is also the case out for the small dimensions, it aufweist. You can remove up to 7.5 terabytes realize, with 6TB hotswappable are.

Design / Processing

For server chassis design is rather secondary, but nonetheless, it was managed by T., an inconspicuous design approach, which is still on top of the functionality is beneficial. Impressive is in any case the good processing of the case to the comparatively low price. The execution of the housing is exceptionally good, ie. no sharp edges, where you are in the installation of the components could be hurt.


The noise of the T. "TE-1160" is passable but not quietly. Which is precisely what one from a server housing expected. Surely this is also heading for the server rather secondary, which is why I want to assess, because they distort the overall picture would be. The noise of the internal power supply but does not at any time interfere or even exhausting.


The price sounds, with about 300, - EUR is a bit high but this is more than justified when you consider everything already is included. The T. "TE-1160" is at HRT for Information Technology 306, - EUR available (as of 03/2009).


The T. "TE-1160" is certainly not the typical Mini-ITX chassis as you would know or like those we tested, but it may be on its way to convince. Among other things, certainly through its extensive accessories. Not least, but through his good temperature performance in the server area is essential. The numerous ways to drive up to 7.5 TB of disk, which is a further important point in this case represents. It is possible with this housing, a truly cost-effective server system, which, thanks to the Mini-ITX based still on top of energy saving is.

Final Stand
Performance 9.50 / 10
Handling 9.50 / 10
Noise - / 10
Price 9.00 / 10
Overall Rating 9.33 / 10

(Highly recommended!)

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