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Date: 2010-08-10
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[NEWS] T. new T1040, with 4X pico-size board

The new T1040 is a reliable and stable 1U-high 3-slot 19" rackmount industrial computer chassis. Unlike any other chassis out in the market, the T1040 can support up to 4 isolated pico-size motherboard, with expansion option available for CF-card reader, enough to support 4 removable HDD trays, with 2.5 inch HDD brackets on each tray. In addition, abundant cooling fans are included to form each side for better air flow for outstanding ventilation. A front-access USB design has also been added to facilitate maintenance and access for individual unit. Moreover, the T1040 is a low power consuming chassis, making it environmental friendly and it the most ultra compact 1U server with 4 isolated independent operation system.

The new T1040 can be customize for any pico-size motherboard, which making the chassis itself useful for collocation, Internet appliance applications, firewalls, servers, anywhere that requires multiple OS and under required in minimal rack space.

Special Features:
1. 1U rackmount server chassis with four Pico-ITX systems
2. Easy system integration
3. Both internal and external removable storage capacities
4. Support up to 4 serial ATAII drive trays